World heritage in Turkey: Xanthos-Letoon, ancient sister sites on the historical Lycian Way

Home to dozens of civilizations, Turkey hosts many outstanding historical sites as the country once was the cradle of deep-seated Greek and Roman civilizations.

During the past weeks, we have already “virtually” traveled to most of the architectural marvels left behind by them, including Troy, Ephesus, Hierapolis, Göbeklitepe and Pergamon.

This week we are going to visit another historical treasure located in the southwestern part of Anatolia – the archaeological complex of Xanthos-Letoon.

Located within the boundaries of Turkey’s Antalya and Muğla provinces, Xanthos-Letoon is perhaps the grandest and most unique architectural example of the ancient Lycian civilization, which was one of the most important cultures of the Iron Age in Anatolia and the first people to establish a democratic union in history. In fact, in an ancient world full of fighting and bloody wars, Lycians managed to live a harmonious and peaceful life under a stable form of democracy. #dailysabah
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Created: June 15, 2020 at 08:41AM

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