Why is Turkey’s COVID-19 response so successful?

While many other nations had only just begun to seriously consider implementing measures against the emerging coronavirus, it was Turkey along with a few other countries, including China and Italy, that acted swiftly and decisively – and we are talking about in the first week of February 2020, not in April or May. One step included temperature controls for all arriving airline passengers. Soon after, Ankara announced that in the near future, flights to and from a number of states would likely be prohibited, and this step was implemented toward the end of the second week of March.

This article addresses three brief points. First, was Ankara better prepared than other capitals? Second, how did the trust of Turkish citizens as well as expatriates in the Turkish government play a role? And third, why do some circles in Europe try to paint a picture of Turkey and its COVID-19 response that is, frankly speaking, a misrepresentation of reality? #dailysabah

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