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icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

July 17, 2020 –

A British couple believed to be among the first passengers to fly out of Britain after lockdown have revealed what it’s like being on holiday in Turkey during the coronavirus pandemic, the Hull Daily Mail reported on Thursday. Alex and Stuart #myicmeler from Read the full article or Please visit our FB site

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Russians’ booking for Turkey holiday strong, says official – Turkey News

Bookings made by Russians for holidays in Turkey have increased strongly despite limited resumption of flights between the countries, Maya Lomidze, the head of the Association of Tour Operators in Russia (ATOR) has said.

“Tens of thousands of Russian holidaymakers are booking for Turkey despite the fact that flights will resume between only a few airports,” Lomidze told a press conference.

She noted that Russia will resume flights to Turkey, the U.K, and Tanzania as of Aug.1, and said, “Turkey has always been a much popular holiday destination than the U.K for Russians.”

Tourist visits to the U.K. will be rather limited because of the 14-day quarantine measure for travelers, according to Lomidze.

Turkey is definitely standing out as the favorite holiday destination among all countries Russia will resume flights to, she said.

“Russians have started to book reservations for Turkey soon after the announcement regarding the restart of the flights. We see tens of thousands of Russians booking for Turkey already,” Lomidze added.

Flights from Russia to Istanbul, one of Turkey’s hottest tourist spots and the capital Ankara are set to resume on Aug. 1. #dailysabah #myicmeler
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icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Hiking in a socially distanced world: The best trekking routes in Turkey

With COVID-19 restrictions eased across Turkey and domestic travel allowed once again, people are looking for safer and more isolated locations to take vacations. This phase of the “new normal” has put nature in a new light as it offers some of the safest places for travel. Now that summer is here and long gone …

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Everything you need to know about visiting Turkey this summer

As tentative signs start to emerge of a revival for the travel industry, our minds are turning to potential holiday destinations for this summer. With sun, sea and shish kebab, Turkey has long been a popular travel destination for Britons in need of some vitamin D. #independent #myicmeler from Read the full article …

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Popular Marmaris Attraction goes down in history as court orders its closure – Marmaris Turkey

A long time ago the Animal Rights Organisation Mahakder together with Marmaris community have filed a case to the court appealing that the Dolphin Park has mismanaged the center and dolphins’ use as their business assets. To keep a long story short, the license of the Dolphin Park in Marmaris has finally been deemed void …