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Turkey’s safety video and brochure for travelling from UK is out now

Last week’s announcement that Turkey is one of the 73 countries which will allow #British tourists to visit and not require them to quarantine upon their return to the UK, came as welcome news to Turkey and many holiday makers. However, as further #reassurance of Turkey’s commitment to the health and safety of their citizens …

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Tourism capital Antalya makes faster-than-expected start to ‘new season’

Turkey’s tourism capital, Antalya, has made a faster-than-expected start to the new season after the country allowed tourism facilities to reopen in June as it eased coronavirus lockdown measures. The southern resort city, which hosts millions of foreign tourists every year, welcomed 36 charter flights from nine different countries on July 5 alone, according to …

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icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Dozens of charter flights with British tourists to arrive in Turkey as of July 15

‘Holiday #destinations along #Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines have once again started to #attract #tourists after a short break due to the #coronavirus pandemic and an increasing number of the vacationers in the coming days are expected to come from the U.K. The first of #dozens of planned #British charter flights will arrive in #Turkey …

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel


MARMARIS #HOTELS THAT ARE REOPENING FROM 15 JULY Marmaris #hoteliers have been busy to adjust to new realities of life and pressures on their business. One of the highest pressures on every hotel right now is to get accredited for the Safe Tourism Certificate. The audit is performed by an independent private company that thoroughly …

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icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Tourists begin enjoying healthy, safe vacation in Turkey

As Turkey has taken a full slate of measures to ensure the safety of local and international tourists amid the coronavirus outbreak, visitors are praising the country’s efforts against the virus at hospitals, airports and hotels. #dailysabah #myicmeler from Read the full article or Please visit our FB site