Turkey’s safety video and brochure for travelling from UK is out now

Last week’s announcement that Turkey is one of the 73 countries which will allow #British tourists to visit and not require them to quarantine upon their return to the UK, came as welcome news to Turkey and many holiday makers.

However, as further #reassurance of Turkey’s commitment to the health and safety of their citizens and guests, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has released both a video and information pack showing the strict health and safety measures which have been implemented as well as procedures should someone arrive in #Turkey with #COVID-19 or contract the virus whilst there.

The advert from the point of view of a little boy travelling to Turkey with his parents, features the ‘#Safe #Tourism #Certification’ logo, announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism last month which validates the execution of high-level health and hygiene requirements at participating airports, airlines (and other transport hubs), accommodation outlets and food and beverage facilities.

Facilities with a ‘Safe Tourism Certification’ have a QR code on all logos allowing guests and customers to access their inspection data. #myicmeler

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