Picturesque walking path paves way for visitors in historic Aegean town of Birgi

The Birgi town of Izmir province, situated on Turkey’s Aegean coast, will attract even more tourists thanks to the “Efeler Walking Trail” project. This trail connects the villages and plateaus in the Bozdağlar – an age-old mountain range known as the Tmolus mountains in Greek and Roman history – and the Aydın Mountains.

Birgi, located in the Ödemiş district southeast of the city of Izmir, is estimated to have been a residential area since 750 B.C. Bearing traces of the Phrygian and Lydian civilizations, the Persian and Pergamon kingdoms, the Roman and Byzantine empires, and the periods of the Aydınids and the Ottomans, Birgi has hosted a vibrant social life for nearly 3,000 years, sustained by its water resources and fertile lands. The influence of diverse civilizations that lived in the region can be seen in the architecture of its tombs, mosques, fountains, baths and libraries.

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