Kaş: Beautiful scuba diving spot on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast

Among these are the wreck of a World War II-era Italian warplane that was shot down during a bombing mission of a British base in the Island of Meis, a replica of a 3,300-year-old Uluburun shipwreck, a C-47 military cargo plane wreck that was donated to the town by the Turkish Air Force and a sunken 45-year-old retired M-48 tank.

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Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

Attracting the interest of both domestic and foreign tourists, the Turkish tourism capital Antalya’s district of Kaş is a prominent location for scuba diving tourism. The venue hosts a multitude of artifacts and shipwrecks from ancient and modern eras.

Divers, who can dive in around 40 spots, can discover the breathtaking beauty of this underwater world. Diving schools in the town, which have adapted to required COVID-19 health and hygiene measures, continue to serve divers.

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