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Scot busted in Turkey on bogus cash rap after giving taxi driver dodgy £20 note

David Thompson was marched into court in handcuffs in front of his wife and children after a fake English £20 note paid to a taxi driver led police to a £3540 stash of counterfeit money. #dailyrecord #myicmeler from Read the full article or Please visit our FB site

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Brit tourists batter each other with chairs in brawl at ‘family-friendly’ Tui hotel in Turkey as kids flee in terror

THIS is the shocking moments dozens of holidaymakers brawled and hurled chairs at each other at a Tui hotel restaurant in Turkey. Exclusive video shows the outrageous scenes which erupted as families were forced to flee for safety at the Julian Club Hotel in Marmaris, Turkey. Connor Betts, 27, from Leamington, was on a Tui holiday with his …