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Writer looks back on Turkey holiday that ended with quarantine in the 1980s

Holidaymakers seeking autumn Turkish sunshine now have to quarantine. Nothing new there says Travel Editor Nigel Thompson as he recalls an eventful trip in 1987 “Good afternoon. We want to go to Turkey next month, please.” “Certainly. Where?” “The cheap part.” It was September 1987 and we were in a travel agency in Sheffield, where …

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Turkey travel advice: latest FCO guidance on flights and holidays – and if Turkey is on the UK’s quarantine list

The wearing of masks is mandatory at all times outside the home throughout Turkey. This includes, but is not limited to, all public places, including streets, side streets, parks, gardens, picnic areas, markets, sea side and public transportation including Metro, buses, taxis and ferries. Masks are also mandatory in all shops, restaurants, hairdressers and barber …

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Turkish Köfte Recipe – How To Make Classic Meatballs • Turkey’s For Life

Köfte is ingrained into the Turkish psyche. Speak to any Turk and they’ll be able to tell you immediately where their favourite köfte place is. Many people in Fethiye have grown up eating köfte from Köfteci İmadettin but there are lots of other great places in which to delight in köfte, too. Hundreds Of Köfte …

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Holidays: Turkey and Cyprus travel advice updated as coronavirus rules tighten

TURKEY and Cyprus holidays are both normally very popular with British tourists but the coronavirus pandemic has seen travel rules tighten. This week the Foreign Office updated their travel advice for the two destinations. Turkey holidays and Cyprus getaways, just like any break, have been affected by the coronavirus crisis. Both countries are on the UK’s …

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Turkey is the most popular holiday spot for Brits this autumn – with prices 19% cheaper than last year

TURKEY remains not just a safe travel destination for UK tourists, but also one of the most popular holiday hotspots for autumn. As Spain, Portugal and France are all added to the UK’s quarantine list, Turkey remains one of the few locations to stay open – and deals are even cheaper than ever. According to …

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Turkey Accused of Coronavirus Cover-Up as Cases Rise –

SANLIURFA/LONDON – Doctors and local politicians in Turkey are voicing concern that the government is downplaying the scale of the resurgent coronavirus outbreak. The latest official figures suggest there are around 1,700 new infections and around 60 deaths every day across the country. But doctors say the numbers do not add up, as they are …

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Start planning your post-pandemic trip to these four places in Turkey

With autumn’s cooler temperatures right around the corner, many people are itching to escape to a warmer destination. But with thespread of COVID-19, travellers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This gives future jet setters the opportunity to slow down, research and thoroughly plan their perfect post-pandemic trip.null One popular tourist destination, Turkey, is eager …

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Summer travel guide: How to do Bodrum on a budget

Bodrum may be best known for its luxurious hotels, trendy beach clubs and magnificent marinas but it’s still possible to visit this mega-town and peninsula off the southwestern tip of Turkey without breaking the bank Hands-down, Turkey’s most popular summer vacation destination Bodrum may be best known for its luxurious hotels, trendy beach clubs and …

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Coronavirus in Croatia, Greece and Turkey: Infection rate, cases and lockdown rules explained

There were also initial fears that Greece and Turkey could follow suit, although travel experts claim their numbers are still low enough and both countries have not been added to the quarantine list. One of the main benchmark’s for the government is the information on daily Using information from the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), …

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Sea turtles, precious inhabitants of sea, rescued

Located near İztuzu beach in Ortaca district, one of the most important Caretta caretta nesting areas in the Mediterranean, DEKAMER undertakes the treatment of turtles found in various parts of Turkey. In the center where the hospital environment is provided, turtles are treated with great care.