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Heartbreak as Sunderland man Ryan Collier dies after fall from balcony on Turkish holiday

A much-loved Sunderland man who was seriously ill in hospital after falling from a balcony while on holiday in Turkey has died, a family member confirmed. Confirming the news on Saturday (October 24), she said: “We all truly heartbroken by the news. We are in so much shock at the moment.” Ryan, who has been …

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Parents of man critically injured in balcony fall fly to Turkey to be by his side and fear medical bills could top £30k

A Sunderland man who fell from a balcony while on holiday in Turkey remains on life support as his family continue their urgent fundriasing appeal to cover the costs of his treatment. #marmaris #myicmeler from Read the full article or Please visit our FB site

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Writer looks back on Turkey holiday that ended with quarantine in the 1980s –

Holidaymakers seeking autumn Turkish sunshine now have to quarantine. Nothing new there says Travel Editor Nigel Thompson as he recalls an eventful trip in 1987. “Good afternoon. We want to go to Turkey next month, please.” “Certainly. Where?” “The cheap part.” It was September 1987 and we were in a travel agency in Sheffield, where …

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Turkey’s Antalya enjoys prolonged tourism season

Turkey’s Mediterranean beauty, Antalya province on the southern coast, continues to attract tourists during the coronavirus pandemic. Recep Yavuz, head of the Antalya City Council Tourism Working Group, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the province’s tourism is backed by Russia, Ukraine and Turkish citizens residing abroad during this challenging time. “In the first week of …

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Roman-era toys reveal vibrant lifestyle in southwestern Turkey’s ancient city of Beçin

Artifacts including toys and coins have been found during excavations at the 5,000-year-old ancient city of Beçin in southwestern Muğla province’s Milas district. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Kadir Pektaş, head of the excavation project, says that the finds shed light on the socioeconomic and cultural life of the era. An animal-figured toy unearthed in …

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Scot busted in Turkey on bogus cash rap after giving taxi driver dodgy £20 note

David Thompson was marched into court in handcuffs in front of his wife and children after a fake English £20 note paid to a taxi driver led police to a £3540 stash of counterfeit money. #dailyrecord #myicmeler from Read the full article or Please visit our FB site

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Brit tourists batter each other with chairs in brawl at ‘family-friendly’ Tui hotel in Turkey as kids flee in terror

THIS is the shocking moments dozens of holidaymakers brawled and hurled chairs at each other at a Tui hotel restaurant in Turkey. Exclusive video shows the outrageous scenes which erupted as families were forced to flee for safety at the Julian Club Hotel in Marmaris, Turkey. Connor Betts, 27, from Leamington, was on a Tui holiday with his …