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Tourism capital Antalya makes faster-than-expected start to ‘new season’

Turkey’s tourism capital, Antalya, has made a faster-than-expected start to the new season after the country allowed tourism facilities to reopen in June as it eased coronavirus lockdown measures. The southern resort city, which hosts millions of foreign tourists every year, welcomed 36 charter flights from nine different countries on July 5 alone, according to …

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Marmaris exempts elderly foreign tourists from curfew – Turkey News

Officials in the holiday resort town of #Marmaris in the #Aegean province of #Muğla have decided to exempt elderly foreign visitors aged 65 and over from a curfew, a nationwide measure for elderly citizens the government introduced to curb the spread of the #coronavirus outbreak. The #local public health assembly took a decision to ease …

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Turkey introduces £100 fine for tourists caught not wearing face masks in public

If you’re heading on holiday to Turkey any time soon, make sure to pack a face mask. The country is introducing strict 900 lira (£104) fines for nationals and tourists caught not wearing a face covering in public. This includes outdoor spaces as well as restaurants and shops. The current rules are in place across …

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Why Turkey wants you to visit this summer

Turkey, a country with many rich offerings – from its natural beauty, gastronomy, history and the arts – wants tourists to continue coming to its highly unique and distinctive regions. As a tourist destination, Turkey is rather unbeatable, filled as it is to the brim with culture, history, magnificent beaches, green forests and delectable food. …