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Lira slide could be blessing in disguise for Turkey’s tourism – Global Data | Ahval

The ongoing #slide in Turkey’s #currency brought on by years-long accumulation of debt and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s unwillingness to increase interest rates could help the country’s ailing #tourism industry as it battles the coronavirus pandemic, analytics provider Global Data said on Friday. Despite a high number of cases, #Turkey maintains a lower #COVID-19 death …

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Time for some sun: Turkey’s 10 most beautiful beaches

With its mesmerizing historical sites, natural beauties, shining sun, sandy beaches and delicious kebabs, Turkey is a popular location for millions of tourists and even a viral pandemic has not been able to quell its charm. With its seemingly never-ending coasts, Turkey has dozens of beautiful beaches, offering plenty of different options for local and …

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icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Turkey announces inspections, measures to curb COVID-19 rise

ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey’s interior ministry an ounced new measures Wednesday to #curb the #spread of #COVID-19 as daily confirmed cases peaked back above 1,000. In a circular, the interior ministry said its units would conduct “one-on-one monitoring” for people who have been required to #self-quarantine, especially in the first seven days of isolation. The …

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Tourism industry given morale boost as Germany greenlights summer holidays in Turkey

The Turkish #tourism industry on Tuesday received some long-anticipated good news after Germany gave its citizens the green light to travel to Turkey’s popular coastal provinces for the #summer holidays. Tourism industry representatives welcomed the decision, saying Turkey will be a “safe holiday” destination for Germans. The German foreign ministry said it was dropping a …

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Marmaris reports first COVID-19 death – Marmaris Turkey

#Marmaris reported its first death from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) this is the first death in our small town, announced by the #Mayor of Marmaris Mr Mehmet Oktay on the local TV channel Kanal48. He was deeply saddened to speak about the #death of a Marmaris local and expressed his condolences to the family. He …

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Is Marmaris COVID-19 Free? Part 2 – Marmaris Turkey

Our resort of Marmaris has remained COVID-19 free for most part of the summer. The Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca’s Tweet on August 2 said that the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic has reached the coast. He asked to be very careful on holiday. It is true in light of the Kurban Bayramı …

icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Which hotels go quiet due to pandemic? – Marmaris Turkey

Major #hotels and #apartments are forced to stay shut down due to coronavirus pandemic. At first, the hotel opening dates were being postponed, although the owners and management remained hopeful those could be open in the summer. Now some hotels are re-reopening, and others are shutting back down… Most hotels have waived cancellation fees, #refunding …

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icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Turkey is safer than Spain but will close unsafe hotels at short notice

TURKEY is SAFER than Spain, according to the tourism director, as coronavirus cases continue to fall in the holiday hotspots. Spain has been removed from the “safe” travel list by the UK government, with Brits given just four hours notice last weekend. Turkey is safer than Spain to go on holiday this year, claims the …