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Travel quarantine could be reduced to 8 days as government launches Seat Out To Help Out

Businesses and MPs have begged Boris Johnson to reconsider the ten day isolation period due to colossal damage done to the travel sector by the policy.

The Mail on Sunday reports that the officials are looking at the option of testing people for the virus eight days after they arrive into the country. 

However, government sources stressed to the paper that no decision has yet been taken. 

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab also told the BBC’s ‘Andrew Marr Show’ this morning that a testing policy for incoming travellers was “under review”.

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icmeler marmaris mugla resort summer Travel

Russians’ booking for Turkey holiday strong, says official – Turkey News

Bookings made by Russians for holidays in Turkey have increased strongly despite limited resumption of flights between the countries, Maya Lomidze, the head of the Association of Tour Operators in Russia (ATOR) has said.

“Tens of thousands of Russian holidaymakers are booking for Turkey despite the fact that flights will resume between only a few airports,” Lomidze told a press conference.

She noted that Russia will resume flights to Turkey, the U.K, and Tanzania as of Aug.1, and said, “Turkey has always been a much popular holiday destination than the U.K for Russians.”

Tourist visits to the U.K. will be rather limited because of the 14-day quarantine measure for travelers, according to Lomidze.

Turkey is definitely standing out as the favorite holiday destination among all countries Russia will resume flights to, she said.

“Russians have started to book reservations for Turkey soon after the announcement regarding the restart of the flights. We see tens of thousands of Russians booking for Turkey already,” Lomidze added.

Flights from Russia to Istanbul, one of Turkey’s hottest tourist spots and the capital Ankara are set to resume on Aug. 1. #dailysabah #myicmeler
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